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Doggie Daycare Helps with Separation Anxiety

What Causes Separation Anxiety?

There are a few reasons your dog suffers from separation anxiety. Ultimately, what causes it is the fear of isolation and not understanding a change in routine. When a dog changes residence, family members, or a change in the household (someone moving out of the home or passing away), can come as a shock to a dog.

Sometimes, dogs will experience a mild case of it after a vacation where they spent every day with you or when the kids go back to school in the fall after spending lots of time with them.

If your dog experiences separation anxiety when you leave for work, it’s because he’s upset and worried that you’re not there. There are ways to help him cope with you being away!

How Doggie Daycare Helps with Separation Anxiety

Doggie daycare has helped many dogs with their separation anxiety. While at doggie daycare, your dog is busy enjoying exercise, social time, and more importantly, a routine he can count on.

Your dog doesn’t feel anxious about you being away because he’s busy having fun and you don’t have to worry about his destructive behavior around the house while you’re busy at work.


Your dog is getting his exercise in while he’s at doggie daycare! The right amount of exercise in a dog leads to a healthy weight, better joints, and overall improved wellness. He’ll still love a walk with you after work, but you know he’s had plenty of exercise during the day.


Typically, dogs are social animals who love to run around in a pack! Your dog is sure to make pals at doggie daycare that he’ll be excited to see when he gets dropped off in the morning.

Safe Routine

The staff at the doggie daycare are supervising all the dogs to make sure they’re staying safe while they play, and can step in when necessary.

Doggie Daycare is great for dogs with separation anxiety and dog parents who want the best for their dog!

Tour Our Facility

Does your pup suffer from separation anxiety? Doggie daycare might be the answer for you. We’d love for you to schedule a tour of our facility and check us out.

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